Pint-sized putter in Manitoba catching eye of golfers

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STEINBACH — He may just be six-years-old but Ty Brewster has already mastered driving.

Driving a golf ball that is.

“The farthest I ever hit a ball was 195 yards,” said Ty.

The Steinbach sprout recently returned from the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship in Pine Hurst, North Carolina. Ty was one of fifteen Canadians at the tournament competing against youngsters from forty countries. He also plays on the U.S. Kids Golf Tour with the majority of tournaments held in Minnesota.

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“I have no hole-in-ones but was pretty close one time,” Ty said. “I have one eagle. And I can’t remember how many birdies I have.”

He first picked up a club at the age of two after seeing his dad practicing in the backyard.

“Little boys like to do what their dads do,” said Ty’s father Dennis. “He liked to and was good at it. Routinely before he was out of his pajamas, he would be in the backyard chipping before breakfast.”

Ty’s success is actually helping to grow the game. His home course, Steinbach Fly-In Golf Club, says more eyes on the pint-sized putter will drive more kids to the links.

“Junior golf as a whole is down a little bit,” said Steinbach Fly-In golf pro Brian Guenther. “We’ve got to make golf cool again. For him to be on a stage like that, he starts bringing his friends and elevate the game again, it will be great.”

For golf and relationships.

“Just golfing with my dad,” said Ty. “I like doing that.”

Each swing helping to shape memories.


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