Lethbridge man says his apartment is “rotting from inside out”

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WATCH ABOVE: A Lethbridge man says his apartment complex is unsafe, and doesn’t meet even basic structural and health standards. Global’s Kimberly Tams reports.

Lethbridge man says his apartment is “rotting from inside out”

LETHBRIDGE – A Lethbridge man says he is fed up with the many issues at Flamborough Gardens. Sean Mather has lived at the south side apartment complex for one year and says the list of problems is a lengthy one.

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“ There is a complete lack of repairs and a lot of shady things,” said Mather. “Bed bugs, cock roaches and no screens.”

Mather also says his mail box key opens every compartment in his complex.

“Anyone can take anyone’s mail.”

Mather says he feels his safety and health is threatened and is in the process of moving out. He has contacted the manger of the apartment several times, but he says no action has been taken.

“The building is rotting from the inside out. I can move the balcony up and down,” explained Mather, who went on to say when he calls maintenance, they say his concerns will be put on a list.

The owner of the property, Garden Properties, provided a statement to Global News that reads, in part:

“We are very aware of necessary repairs and are working on these and other maintenance issues… The railings have already been secured temporarily whilst we were waiting for further maintenance to take place which is scheduled to take place this fall… We are in the process of changing the (mailbox) locks immediately. Had we been informed of this, we would have acted to secure them sooner.”

While Mather was the only resident who would speak on-camera, Global News did speak to several other tenants who shared his concerns.

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