Grey hair a popular trend among young people

admin post on May 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Grey hair used to be a classic sign of age, but more and more young people are sporting what is being called the granny look. Global’s Steve Silva has more.

HALIFAX – One of the hottest hair trends for young people this year is dyeing hair gray, according to local hair salons.

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“A lot of younger people think, like, ‘That looks so neat,’ said Anya Mezler, 23, who touched up her grey locks at Dee’s Dews Hair Salon Thursday morning. “But a lot of older people are like, ‘Why would you dye your hair grey? Like, we’re trying to avoid that!’”

Several celebrities have joined in on the trend, which has been dubbed “#GrannyHair” on social networking websites.

“Maybe it’s more of a humour thing,” said Yasmin Grothe, editor-in-chief of Salon Magazine, adding that pastel colours are often mixed into hairdos.

The trend has caught the attention many international publications, including The New York Times.

“You have to remember that the reason people are embracing these types of unusual hair colours is because the technology permits it, nowadays,” said Grothe.

Chrissy Marr, master colourist at the salon, said that, although it still require skills, colouring someone’s hair grey has never been easier to do.

“I’ve been getting responses from a lot of older clients with grey hair and they mention the younger girls doing it, and they’ll say, ‘I don’t feel so bad about my grey,’” said Marr.

Melzer, who was has experimented with different hair colours for years, said that grey was a natural step.

“I don’t think it matters what colour your hair is as long as you’re happy with it, and as long as it makes you feel good and look good, that’s all that really matters,” she said.

As for the next trend, Grothe said, “I actually think we’re going to go back to black.”

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