Exciting day for Primary students – Halifax

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WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Ray Bradshaw followed 5-year-old Evan Balcom and his family as they embarked on his first day of school.

HALIFAX – Elementary and junior high school students throughout the Nova Scotia officially started the new school year today. For some, it was their first day of school ever. Evan Balcom of Middle Sackville, began his day preparing to enter Primary.

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Evan Balcom is entering primary this year, but older brother Brayden said he’ll show Evan the ropes. “I’m going to show him where his classroom is, and stuff,” said the 7-year-old.

The day is just as important to his parents. “I was a little upset last week at the last day of day care,” said Evan’s mom Heather. “But I’m excited. I’m sure once I drop him off, I’m sure it will be, my baby’s gone to school.”

Heather said Evan has been looking forward to starting school for a long time. “For about a year and a half,” Heather laughed. “Every day, am I five? Am I going to big kids school?”

The family accompanied Evan and Brayden to Harry R. Hamilton Elementary School in Middle Sackville.

Posing for photographs in front of the school, Evan’s father Brian said his son seemed a little unsure. “It’s going to be interesting to see how he makes out today,” said Brian. “I’m excited, but a little bit nervous at the same time for sure.”

Just like he said he would, Brayden led his little brother down the school hallway and showed him where his classroom was located. “Are you excited?” he asked Evan, and the 5-year-old nods yes.

Brian said his son will do just fine. “He’ll make lots of new friends. He’ll have a great time and hopefully learn lots. He’s a smart kid already, so just looking forward to having a great year with him and hearing all the stories about everything that happens to him in this very first year.”

“The kids are extremely excited – most of them – very happy to come back, meet their friends, meet their new teacher, get the new year started – a few tears this morning from the primary children, a bit apprehensive,” said school Principal Gail Langille.

The stories from the first day will be a treasure for not just the Balcom family, but for all parents to keep.

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