Dueling Regina election signs point to household split

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REGINA – If gauging by the number of election signs, the new riding of Regina-Lewvan appears to be one of the most politically engaged ridings in the area and a handful of homes have both an NDP and a Liberal sign displayed.

“We’re just trying to weigh out the options, which way to go right now,” said Lisa Dustyhorn. Her home has two Liberal signs and two NDP signs displayed. She explained that first, the Liberal candidate came knocking and she agreed to put up a lawn sign. Then the NDP candidate came by and her husband also agreed.

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“My husband said ‘we have to take one of them down’. I said ‘well I’m a Liberal’ and he said ‘well I’m voting NDP’,” said Dustyhorn. “So we just left them up and that’s where we’re at right now.”

The dueling signs are not an uncommon sight in the new all-urban riding, which is expected to be hotly contested this fall.

“If someone is willing to display both signs, if they’re civic minded that’s great,” said Erin Weir, the NDP candidate for Regina- Lewvan.

“Perhaps there’s other people in the house that want a red sign,” said Louis Browne, the Liberal candidate for Regina- Lewvan. “I definitely don’t hit every house that has an orange sign but from time to time, depending on the circumstances, I might be inspired to go chat with the people.”

University of Regina political scientist, Jim Farney doesn’t predict vote splitting between the NDP and the Liberal candidate to the case.

“The NDP has really been surging lately. I think a lot of people who even six weeks ago were going to vote Liberal, the polls are kind of telling us they’re going to end up going NDP,” said Farney.

“It’s the one riding in the city that’s really, who knows who’s going to win it,” he added.

Although she’s leaning Liberal, Dustyhorn said her vote remains up for grabs: “I’m listening what they both have to say, even the conservative candidate.”

Calls to the Regina-Lewvan Conservative campaign office weren’t returned by 6 p.m.

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