Dollard-Des-Ormeaux man considering class action lawsuit against Canada Post

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WATCH ABOVE: One DDO resident says he’s lost all privacy since a Canada Post community mailbox was installed on his property. As Global’s Gloria Henriquez reports, he’s taking the crown corporation to court and hopes others will join him.

DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX — John Benizri’s newest neighbour is a community mailbox in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux.

When it comes to new tenants, you’d think a static object is as quiet as it gets, but Benizri calls it the neighbour from hell.

“There was a constant amount of cars coming at various times and it was making lots of noise, doors opening and closing, music,” he explained.

Not only that, but Benizri often finds himself doing extra housework.

“People are taking the flyers from the mailbox and throwing them on the grass,” he said.

“It’s making a mess and I have to go pick them up because the boxes are on my lot.”

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What makes matters worse is that he feels his family has lost their privacy since the mailbox is facing his backyard.

“We have a pool and my wife feels a little bit shy to go out. People always look in and stare in,” he said.

Benizri is launching a class action lawsuit against Canada Post.

“We’re asking for some sort of compensation from them,” explained Benizri.

Global News reached out to Canada Post but a spokesperson said they couldn’t comment on the case because the matter is before the courts.

“Our chances are very good,” said lawyer Jamie Benizri.

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For him, it’s not only about the every day disturbances.

“One of the main elements of our argument is that this does affect the property value,” he said.

“You can imagine if two properties were equal, the person will likely purchase the one without the community mailbox.”

Currently, there’s no protocol for how to deal with traffic and how to police behave around mailboxes.

“We’re really in a grey zone, and that’s why I call it ‘the neighbour from hell,’” said the lawyer.

“He just shows up, unwanted, after 15 years of owning a property and quite frankly, the community hasn’t signed up for this.”

What he said the community is signing up for is the the class action lawsuit.

“We do have a list that we’re presently, actively, compiling to eventually add them to the class members,” he said.

Even though it might take years before they see results, Benizri is prepared for the long haul and hopes others join in large numbers.


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