Construction to cause delays as students head back to school in Winnipeg

admin post on June 29th, 2019
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WINNIPEG — It’s been said Winnipeg has two seasons, winter and construction.

And this summer there’s been no shortage of delays and detours. With a record $103 million dollars to spend, the city says this is their busiest road construction season ever.

Out of 59 road construction project currently underway, half of them are expected to be completed by the time students head back to school.

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“I don’t look forward to the delays next week,” said Jino Distasio, a traffic expert at the University of Winnipeg, “with 50,000 more people on the roads, that’s students alone from the college and universities.”

City Engineer Lester Deane says the goal is to wrap up projects by early September but says some projects are delayed.

“Thanks for your patience so far and please bear with us a little longer,” said Deane.

Distasio says with the amount of construction the city is doing it should consider increasing working hours in the evenings and overnight.

Deane says there are too many safety issues saying there’s no plans to increase working hours.

Here are some projects that could affect your route:

Work on Pembina highway near McGillvray is scheduled to wrap up Tuesday but it could be delayed further.St. James street from St. Matthews to Yukon will wrap up October 31st.Ellice Avenue from Colony to Maryland will wrap up Friday.Henderson Highway southbound from Munroe to Hespeler will be completed October 30.Main Street northbound between Higgins and Inkster will last until September 15.And at the Plessis Road Underpass two lanes will open October 31st with the other 2 lanes opening September 2016, a year behind schedule and $8 million over its $77 million budget.

To see the rest of the list go to the city of Winnipeg website.


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