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Islamic State worse than Nazis? PM Tony Abbott angers Jewish Australians

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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CANBERRA, Australia – Australia’s prime minister angered some Jewish leaders on Thursday by suggesting that the Islamic State movement was worse than Nazis during World War II.

It is the third time this year that gaffe-prone Prime Minister Tony Abbott has riled Jewish Australians with Nazi analogies.

Abbott used an interview with Sydney Radio 2GB on Thursday to credit Nazis with a sense of shame for atrocities they committed.

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“The Nazis did terrible evil, but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it,” Abbott said. “These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing,” Abbot said of Islamic State fighters.

“They act in the way that medieval barbarians acted, only they broadcast it to the world with an effrontery which is hard to credit,” he added.

However, Executive Council of Australian Jewry President Robert Goot said there was a “fundamental difference between organized acts of terrorism and a genocide systematically implemented by a state as essential policy.”

He said while there is no question that Islamic State is “profoundly evil,” Aboott’s comments suggesting that it is in some respects worse than the Nazis were “injudicious and unfortunate,” Goot told reporters.

Those responsible for state-sponsored genocide were high government officials who operated in secret “not out of any sense of shame, but to avoid being held criminally responsible,” Goot added.

Abbott later said he wasn’t in the business of ranking evil, but stood by his comments.

“I do make this point, that unlike previous evil-doers, whether we’re talking about Stalin, Hitler or whoever, that tried to cover up their evil, this wretched death cult boasts about it,” Abbott told reporters.

Abbott’s Cabinet is expected to agree next week to a U.S. request to extend air strikes against Islamic State targets beyond Iraq into Syria.

Abbott apologized in March for comparing the opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shorten to German World War II-era propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. He had described Shorten in Parliament as “the Dr. Goebbels of economic policy.”

In February, Abbott apologized to Parliament for describing a 10 per cent reduction in defence industry jobs under a former Labor government as a “holocaust of jobs.”


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‘Discriminatory and unconstitutional’: religious groups react to Saint-Lambert zoning decision

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Religious groups are speaking out after a zoning law change that states only nine sites in Saint-Lambert can be used for places of worship. As Global’s Kelly Greig reports, eight of them are already taken by Christian churches.

SAINT-LAMBERT— Author Mark Twain once said that in Montreal, you can’t throw a stone without breaking a church window.

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    Anti-bullying wave in St. Lambert

    St. Lambert mayor Finn won’t seek second term

While that might be true on the island, in the South Shore city of Saint-Lambert, that saying doesn’t exactly apply.

The city is proposing a zoning change making it illegal to have a place of worship outside very specific zones.

The number of zones would be reduced from 19 to nine.

Eight of the spots are already occupied by Christian churches.

“I hope it is not a phobia issue because, why? Do you have many issues of people coming to ask for cultural centres?” asked Samer Mazjoud, President of the Canadian Muslim Forum.

“To the best of my knowledge, none of the other cultures went to the city and applied for anything.”

He said the issue was brought to his attention last week and he’s already heard complaints from the Muslim community.

“Why should they be deprived? Because we don’t like their culture? This is something very discriminatory. It could very well be unconstitutional too.”

“There’s a possibility that some residents will go the legal side and challenge this in court,” he said.

That claim holds water with Steven Slimovitch, a lawyer and B’Nai Brith’s National Legal Counsel.

“We were quite surprised. We’ve always felt the courts have been clear,” he said.

“It would be against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to ban religious buildings if you will at large and that’s ostensibly what the city is trying to do.”

The Mayor of St-Lambert was unavailable for an interview Thursday.

He did state previously that the bill was not intended to target any religious communities, but was to protect business areas.

The proposal would also change the definition of a community centre to exclude religious activities.

Even though the bill was passed in city council with a vote of six to one, it’s still not set in stone.

There’s a public hearing next Wednesday to discuss the decision and it could be overruled.


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Blood Tribe man says drugs, alcohol addictions can be beat

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Emery Three Persons has been in a fight with drugs and alcohol for over thirty years. But at the age of 47 he’s finally clean and has reopened his business Cyclone Towing.

At the age of 47, Emery Three Persons is proving it’s never too late to start over. This week marked the official grand reopening of his business, Cyclone Towing.  Not too long ago, it seemed like an impossible proposition.

“I was the baddest and the worst guy around,” said Three Persons.

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He doesn’t shy away from who he was.  He’s battled substance abuse since the age of fifteen.

“I ran into the drugs and the boozing just seemed to take over,” he said.

Using everything from marijuana, to excessive amounts of alcohol, to cocaine – the addiction almost ended in tragedy.

“I was suicidal because… I tried, I was so tired of life,” said Three Persons. “I took a whole lot of medication, I thought it was going to do me in.”

But, Three Persons survived and eventually the law caught up with him.  He had his license suspended multiple times, lost his business and was sentenced to nine months in prison. It was during that time he discovered faith and realized what’s important.

“I need to put (the drugs) aside. I got children and that was one of the main things I needed to put it aside for. It was actually my kids that saved me.”

Even with the support of family, recovery was difficult.  But, in January, Emery finally got his business back, and can now say he’s been clean for over a year.

“It’s awesome! I’m so happy, and really blessed that things are going good,” said Three Persons. “There’s nothing I’d rather do then keep building this company.”

As Blood Tribe officials continue to fight the rise of Fentanyl, Emery Three Persons is living proof drugs and alcohol can be beaten.

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5 US university soccer players suspended for game after blackface incident

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Five women from Whitworth University’s soccer team were suspended after attending a costume party as the Jackson 5 and wearing blackface makeup. Katie Chen reports.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Five members of the women’s soccer team at a private Christian university in Washington state were suspended for one match Wednesday after a social media post surfaced showing them dressed in blackface and afro wigs.

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  • Ex-cop plans blackface performance to raise money for officers in Freddie Gray case

  • Joni Mitchell reflects on posing in blackface for album cover

  • Dunkin’ Donuts apologizes for blackface advert

Whitworth University, a liberal arts school in Spokane, said in a statement the players were suspended from the game following their actions at an unofficial team event Monday night. The players were attempting to appear as members of music group The Jackson 5 at an informal event at a local bowling alley, The Spokesman Review reported.

READ MORE: Blackface for Halloween is never okay, say culture experts

“In light of the impact that these actions have had on Whitworth and the greater Spokane community, we feel it is in the best interest of all involved to take this action at this time,” head coach Jael Hagerott said in a statement Wednesday.

“While their intentions were not malicious, the outcome of their actions was painful for many in our community. We feel that this punitive response is proportional to their actions.”

His decision was supported by the university’s administration.

No further punishment will be taken by the university athletics department, but Whitworth’s normal student-conduct process is moving forward, KXLY-TV reported.

According to the Spokesman Review, athletic director Tim Demant and other university officials said Tuesday they met with all five players, whom they declined to name, and said the players said they were not aware of the racist implications of the use of blackface.

The university said in statement Tuesday that a photo of the players was posted on social media, and “constituents from both the campus and external communities have expressed concern with the photo’s content.”

“As a Christ-centered university that believes in the value of all individuals, we are seeking to use this situation as an opportunity to educate, redeem and restore,” Demant said in a statement Wednesday.


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Man charged with fraud for evading tolls on the Golden Ears Bridge

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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WATCH: Surrey RCMP discovered one driver who used a little tape and a little deception to avoid paying tolls using a prop that may have been inspired by the movies. Julia Foy reports.

A Port Coquitlam man has been charged with two counts of fraud after he was spotted evading tolls on the Golden Ears Bridge.

It turns out the man was using a cable system inside the car to lift up the license plate to avoid the toll cameras.

The loop and cord inside vehicle used by driver to manipulate license plate.

Surrey RCMP

In December, 2014, an off-duty Surrey RCMP Criminal Collision Investigation Team (CCIT) member was following a car headed towards Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows across the Golden Ears Bridge from Surrey.

No license plate was visible on the vehicle and this caught the officer’s attention.

“Officers are always looking for uninsured vehicles,” said Cpl. Scotty Schumann. “The officer was very surprised when he saw a valid BC license plate magically lift into place after they had passed the toll cameras.”

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The officer recorded the plate number and began making inquiries. Police were able to identify the owner of the car and the driver. When they saw the driver cross the bridge again, he was arrested for fraud.

Gregory Murray, 49, was charged with two counts of fraud under $5,000 on Aug. 6. Police have also seized the car, a 1993 Geo Metro and are applying to have the car forfeited to Crown.

“Thousands of people cross the bridge daily with the vast majority paying their tolls. This serves as a reminder to anyone actively trying to defeat the toll system that it is a criminal offence and that you could lose your vehicle and face charges,” says Schumann.

Anyone with more information about toll evasion is asked to contact the police force in their jurisdiction or Crime Stoppers, if they wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-TIPS or 杭州夜生活solvecrime杭州丝足.


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Lethbridge man says his apartment is “rotting from inside out”

admin post on March 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: A Lethbridge man says his apartment complex is unsafe, and doesn’t meet even basic structural and health standards. Global’s Kimberly Tams reports.

Lethbridge man says his apartment is “rotting from inside out”

LETHBRIDGE – A Lethbridge man says he is fed up with the many issues at Flamborough Gardens. Sean Mather has lived at the south side apartment complex for one year and says the list of problems is a lengthy one.

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“ There is a complete lack of repairs and a lot of shady things,” said Mather. “Bed bugs, cock roaches and no screens.”

Mather also says his mail box key opens every compartment in his complex.

“Anyone can take anyone’s mail.”

Mather says he feels his safety and health is threatened and is in the process of moving out. He has contacted the manger of the apartment several times, but he says no action has been taken.

“The building is rotting from the inside out. I can move the balcony up and down,” explained Mather, who went on to say when he calls maintenance, they say his concerns will be put on a list.

The owner of the property, Garden Properties, provided a statement to Global News that reads, in part:

“We are very aware of necessary repairs and are working on these and other maintenance issues… The railings have already been secured temporarily whilst we were waiting for further maintenance to take place which is scheduled to take place this fall… We are in the process of changing the (mailbox) locks immediately. Had we been informed of this, we would have acted to secure them sooner.”

While Mather was the only resident who would speak on-camera, Global News did speak to several other tenants who shared his concerns.

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One wrenching photo could help decide Canada’s election

admin post on March 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Thousands desperate to reach Europe rushed into a Budapest train station Thursday after police ended a two-day blockade, setting off a wave of anger and confusion. Jeff Semple reports

The international attention a photo of a dead Syrian child has drawn to Syria’s refugee crisis could help decide the Canadian election, political analysts say.

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  • Leaders disagree on action for Syrian refugees after seeing drowned boy photo

  • No asylum application from drowned Syrian boy’s father, say feds

  • Will this photo help people grasp the desperation of Syrian refugees?

“Visual images like that are extremely powerful,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. “And people want their governments to deal with wrong. They don’t want their governments to turn a cold shoulder to the tragedies of the world.”

“I think it’s inspired such an emotional response in Canadians that I don’t think it’s something that’s going to be soon forgotten,” said Greg MacEachern, vice-president of government relations for Environics Communications and a former Liberal strategist.

“There is a high level of outrage and a lot of questions.”

WARNING: The image below contains content some viewers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.


Even though the boy’s aunt did not sponsor that family to settle in Canada, as originally reported – the government rejected an application from other relatives, also fleeing Syria – the issue of Canada’s refugee policy had immediate effects on the campaign trail.

Citizenship and Immigration minister Chris Alexander left his campaign in Ajax, Ontario to fly to Ottawa to look into the particulars of the family’s case early Thursday morning. Conservative Jason Kenney postponed a planned announcement on immigration policy. And Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Conservative leader Stephen Harper all addressed the Syrian refugee crisis at campaign events.

READ MORE: Leaders disagree on action for Syrian refugees

The government, and Alexander in particular, are on the defensive, MacEachern said, adding that Alexander struck the wrong tone and made factually inaccurate statements in an interview on CBC Wednesday evening. This has coloured the impression people have of the government’s attitude towards refugees, MacEachern said.

“That’s very challenging to try to come back from.”

But it’s too soon to see what effect this will have on the campaign, Bricker said. It’s a complicated, emotional issue.

“It might prove to have some effect, particularly if there’s facts to come that demonstrate that this government has done something incorrect.”

“There are so many foreign-born Canadians now, particularly in places that are key ridings like the 905, and suburban Calgary and suburban Vancouver. They could be looking at images like this saying, ‘There but the grace of God go I.’”

MacEachern thinks that Canadians are paying attention, and it could affect how they vote.

“Supposedly it’s a political idiom that foreign policy does not matter to the average Canadian, that it’s never an election issue. Well, in politics this is an example of how you should never say never.”

“I don’t think many people would have predicted that our policy on refugees would have become this prominent.”

How to respond?

Politicians should tread carefully on this issue, MacEachern said.

“There is a high level of awareness of this issue and people are watching very carefully and people don’t want to see anyone of any party use this for political points.” Opposition parties in particular need to be careful of being accused of using a tragedy for political gain, he said.

Canadians want to see leadership from their politicians, he said.

“I see a lot of Canadians on 桑拿会所, on Facebook saying we need to do something. They need someone like our government to say, ‘This is a program you can support. This is a way you can sponsor refugees in your community.’”

But taking action on such a complicated issue is tough, Bricker said.

“Okay so we’re all appalled, as we rightfully should be, about the images that we’ve seen. What exactly is the solution?”

“Do we get into a bidding war about what would be the right number of refugees to bring into the country?”

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Image of drowned child haunts and frustrates the world

admin post on March 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Aunt of drowned Syrian boy gives heartbreaking account of his final moments

The photo of the dead 3-year-old Syrian boy on a Turkish beach is haunting.

It captures everything we don’t want to see when we tap our phones or open our newspapers: a vicious civil war, a surge of refugees, the death of an innocent.

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Largely because of social media, the image of little Aylan Kurdi is hammering home the Syrian migrant crisis to the world. Aylan died along with his 5-year-old brother and their mother when their small rubber boat capsized as it headed for Greece.

“It is a very painful picture to view,” said Peter Bouckaert, who as director of emergencies at Human Rights Watch has witnessed his fair share of painful scenes. “It had me in tears when it first showed up on my mobile phone. I had to think hard whether to share this.”

READ MORE: ‘They didn’t deserve to die’: aunt of Syrian boys who drowned off Turkey

But share, he did. Bouckaert, who is in Hungary watching the crisis unfold, said people need to be pushed to look at the “ghastly spectacle” so they can, in turn, prod governments to help the suffering Syrian people.

Still, will the disturbing image galvanize people into action? Will it be like other seared-in-our-memory photographs — a vulture hovering over starving child in Sudan, a girl fleeing a napalm attack in Vietnam, the child in a firefighter’s arms after the Oklahoma City bombing?

Or will it become just another of the many images on social media, lost amid the flotsam?

“One of the things about this story is that it’s really difficult sometimes for the world to get a handle on it,” said Al Tompkins, a senior faculty member at the Poynter Institute, a center for media studies in St. Petersburg, Florida. “Regardless of the technology, a singular iconic image can still touch us in ways.”

And that singular image is often of a child. That was the cold fact that unsettled people around the globe.

Kathleen Fetters-Iossi, a 47-year-old fiction writer from West Bend, Wisconsin, said she hopes people share the images to create awareness, then go beyond that to try to help in some way. But she has her doubts any concrete action will come of it.

“Most Americans, if they’re just now becoming aware of this issue, will ultimately feel there’s nothing we can do,” she said. “They feel like we can’t handle our own immigration problem, let alone Europe’s. Social media can help by creating wider awareness, but ultimately, ‘clicktivism’ didn’t help the Nigerian girls, and it’s not going to help those migrants.”

READ MORE: ‘Humanity has stopped there’: member of B.C.’s Syrian community reacts to photo of drowned toddler

In Greece, Alicia Stallings, a mother of two, said she won’t link to the photo. It’s too close to home.

“I watch my kids swim and play in the Aegean and am sometimes struck by horror when I think this is the same water in which children just like them are drowning every day,” she wrote in an email.

WATCH: The full interview with Tima Kurdi outside her Coquitlam home.

“One hates for something like this be the galvanizing element — we are pretty hard-hearted if we can ignore all the other hundreds of drownings happening all the time. But the scale is vast, and as humans it is easier for us to comprehend one specific tragedy, in a shirt and shoes like our own kids.”

The photo of the body washed up on the sand was splashed on the front of all major newspapers in Brazil, a nation with more homicides than any other, according to the United Nations. Still, the picture ignited despair and indignation.

Ary Cordovil, a 35-year-old barber, lives near one of Rio de Janeiro’s slums, where a drug gang war has meant nobody leaves home after dark and schools have been shut for weeks.

READ MORE: Will this photo help people grasp the desperation of Syrian refugees?

“I’m used to violence. Brazil is used to seeing violence. But this — this is just painful,” he said, staring hard at the image in a newspaper. “He’s just a baby trying to flee a war. The absurdity of this is extreme even for us.”

It inspired people like a 52-year-old grandmother from Australia to tweet multiple versions of the story.

“If these images of a dead child don’t change our attitude to refugees, what will?” tweeted Jenny Fawcett of Warrnambool, Australia. Her daughter started a petition calling on the Australian government to help more Syrian refugees.

Jeremy Barnicle, chief development officer of the humanitarian group Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon, said it remains to be seen whether the outpouring of grief on social media for Aylan will translate into tangible help.

“For many Americans, the conflict in the Middle East is distant and complicated, and therefore tough to engage on,” he said. “A photo like this reminds people why we should all care.”

While the image of the body on the sand was on many international websites, many U.S. sites ran a photo of a Turkish police officer carrying the limp boy in his arms. The boy’s face is obscured.

Mike Wilson, editor of The Dallas Morning News, decided to run the tamer photo. He received an email from a reader who said the picture was “gory.”

“I wrote back and told her that I appreciated her sensitivity,” he said. “We chose it specifically because it wasn’t gory. It’s just a forlorn, heartbreaking image that tells the reality of what’s happening.”


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Leaders disagree on action for Syrian refugees after seeing drowned boy photo

admin post on March 29th, 2019
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WATCH: The Harper government hasn’t come close to bringing in all the Syrians they promised to help, but the death of two boys and their mother has prompted calls for more action. Mike Le Couteur reports,

VANCOUVER — Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau have all expressed their dismay at the image of 3-year-old Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi’s body washed ashore on a beach in Turkey.

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But while the leaders of the NDP and Liberal Party called for more immediate assistance for refugees, the Conservative leader held his line that fighting ISIS is the bigger priority when it comes to ending the swelling number of refugees fleeing Syria.

Harper, speaking in Surrey, B.C., insisted resettling more refugees in Canada would not solve the worsening crisis of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants trying — and dying — to get to Europe in rickety smuggler boats.

His comments came just moments after Tima Kurdi, the aunt of Alan and his 5-year-old brother Ghalib, who also drowned early Wednesday, told reporters how the boys’ father struggled to save his sons and wife after their boat flipped over en route to the Greek island of Kos.

READ MORE: Will this photo help people grasp the desperation of Syrian refugees?

She was only a short distance away, at her home in Coquitlam, struggling through her tears and sobs, to recount how her brother, Abdullah Kurdi, tried to save his family.

Harper: ‘Our country has the most generous immigration system in the world.’

Harper: The real way to fix refugee crisis is to address the reasons they’re leaving in the first place


Harper: The real way to fix refugee crisis is to address the reasons they’re leaving in the first place


Exasperated Harper doesn’t know ‘for the life of me’ how you can want to help refugees but not battle ISIS


Stephen Harper defends Canada’s refugee system in wake of Syrian refugee crisis


Will Canada be accepting more Syrian refugees in wake of escalating Syrian crisis?

Harper said he and his wife, Laureen, had the same reaction that many Canadian parents had after seeing that photo of the drowned toddler and thinking of their own children.

“It is truly a heartbreaking situation. It’s a terrible tragedy,” the Conservative leader said. But he wouldn’t publicly commit to doing anything more than Canada has already promised to do to assist Syrian refugees.

READ MORE: The European migrant crisis is only getting worse. Here’s what you need to know

Under Harper, the Canadian government fulfilled a 2013 commitment to resettle 1,300 government-sponsored and privately-sponsored Syrian refugees in March.

In January, the government made a commitment to resettle 10,000 more Syrian refugees over the next three years; 1,002 refugees have been resettled towards that goal.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How the refugee numbers break down (story continues below)

Credit: Leo Kavanagh/Global News

As well, Harper made a campaign promise last month to resettle 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, at risk of religious persecution, over four years — if the Conservatives are reelected.

Harper, however, responded to questions about a more immediate response to the crisis by insisting fighting ISIS is the way to bring an end to the crisis.

“I do not know how, for the life of me, you look at that picture and you say, ‘Yeah we want to help that family, but we want to walk away from the… military mission that’s trying to prevent ISIS from killing tens of millions of people,’” Harper said

“We need to help people that are actually there and can’t get away. And, part of the way we need to help them is to stop them, is to stop the awful violence that is directed at them, displacing them and killing them.”

WATCH: Global’s Jayme Doll takes a look at how the Syrian refugee crisis has touched people this week and introduces us to a Canmore doctor who is doing something about it

The refugee crisis is being exacerbated by the threat of ISIS, but it’s the brutal civil war that has raged for more than four years that has driven more than 4 million Syrians to other countries and displaced more than 7.6 million people internally — half of Syria’s population, all told.

Harper’s rivals said Canada needs to step up to the plate — as it has in past crises — and open the doors to more Syrians sooner than later.

Mulcair: ‘Canada has failed.’

Tom Mulcair: We want Canada to be a respected player on the world stage again


Tom Mulcair: We want Canada to be a respected player on the world stage again


Tom Mulcair fights back tears as he discusses plight of Syrian refugees

Tom Mulcair, at a campaign stop in Toronto Thursday morning, appeared to get choked up when he said, after seeing the image, it’s “unbearable that we’re doing nothing,” and that “Canada has an obligation to act.”

“An image is worth a thousand words. Sometimes there’s an image that summarizes and encapsulates everything that we’ve been feeling. In the Vietnam war, I remember the image of that young Vietnamese girl badly burned by napalm coming at the camera. Everybody remembers that image.”

The NDP later released a plan to get 10,000 Syrian refugees “out of harm’s way and to Canada by the end of the year” and to put a “fast-track private sponsorship, with no cap, to bring as many people as possible to Canada,” read a statement.

“We know that the numbers that have been put up haven’t been met in the past, but we’ve got to move past that,” Mulcair said.

READ MORE: ‘Humanity has stopped there’: member of B.C.’s Syrian community reacts to photo of drowned toddler

“How desperate do you have to be to take that risk with your kids? That desperation of the parents is what we should be asking ourselves about.”

Trudeau: ‘You don’t get to suddenly discover compassion in the middle of an election campaign.’

Saddened Trudeau lays migrant blame at hands of Tories, calls for immediate acceptance of 25,000 Syrians


Saddened Trudeau lays migrant blame at hands of Tories, calls for immediate acceptance of 25,000 Syrians


Trudeau wants migrants accepted to Canada immediately, but is that possible?


Trudeau reacts to Syrian boy’s death: “Canada has failed to be the country we imagine it to be”


Trudeau on Minister Alexander and migrant crisis: ‘You don’t get to suddenly discover compassion’

Meantime, Liberal leader Trudeau told an audience in Montreal that Canadian parents “take for granted” only having to worry about what challenges their kids will face on their first day of school this week.

“Parents, individuals all around the world were horrified yesterday to see the pictures of those young children washed up on the beach in Turkey. And how much more terrible it is for Canadians to wake up this morning and realize that this was a family that was seeking to join its extended family in Canada and saw itself refused.”

It was later determined that it was Tima Kurdi’s other brother, Mohammad Kurdi, who had a refugee application to Canada denied because “it did not meet regulatory requirements for proof of refugee status recognition.”

Still, Trudeau said Harper and the Conservatives have “chosen to stand aside as this human tragedy unfolds on an unimaginable scale.”

The refugee and migrant crisis by the numbers (story continues below)

Credit: Leo Kavanagh/Global News

Under the Liberals, he said, Canada “must immediately accept 25,000 Syrian refugees, stop dragging its heels and understand that we must once again be the country that we like to think of ourselves as.”

He added past governments of “all different stripes” have “stepped up in times of crisis to accept to our country people fleeing for their lives.”

Trudeau pointed to his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s Liberal government accepting refugees from Uganda in the 1970s and Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark allowing some 60,000 of Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian “boat people” into Canada between 1979 and 1980.

“This is something that goes beyond politics: it’s about who we are and what we want to continue to be.”

WATCH: Global’s Laura Stone breaks down Chris Alexander’s decision to return to Ottawa Thursday in the wake of news that members of a Syrian family had applied to Canadian immigration authorities.

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Potentially life-threatening drugs stolen from Halifax hospital – Halifax

admin post on March 29th, 2019
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HALIFAX – For the second time in 13 months, potentially dangerous drugs have been stolen from a Halifax hospital.

Everton McLean, spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Health Authority, said an emergency drug box was taken from the second floor of the Dickson Building.

“They are secured. They are not in a locked office but they are available to clinicians to use if someone were to have a heart attack,” he said.

McLean said the health authority alerted police Wednesday morning about the missing drugs.

Story continues below

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He describes them as several vials of injectable drugs that are used in the event of a cardiac arrest.

A list of drugs provided to Global News includes Adenosine, Amiodarone, Atropine, Calcium Chloride, Dextrose, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Isoproterenol, Lidocaine, Metroprolol, Naloxone, Norepinephrine, Plenylephrine, Procainamide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vasopresin and Verapamil.

McLean stresses that the drugs are only meant to be used by clinicians in an emergency setting or via a prescription.

“They can be life-threatening and dangerous if taken inappropriately,” he said.

McLean said an internal investigation will be completed to determine what happened.

He said he is confident only one emergency drug box was taken and there is now more security around the emergency boxes as a precaution.

“It’s obviously concerning. We have taken steps to make sure they’re secured to make sure they’re safe. We have to balance the need to have them available for clinicians with the need to keep them as secure as possible,” he said.

In August 2014, so-called ‘date rape’ drugs were stolen from the QE2.

“Measures were taken last time. We are going to review and take a look at what can be done differently,” he said.

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