Blood Tribe man says drugs, alcohol addictions can be beat

admin post on April 29th, 2019
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WATCH ABOVE: Emery Three Persons has been in a fight with drugs and alcohol for over thirty years. But at the age of 47 he’s finally clean and has reopened his business Cyclone Towing.

At the age of 47, Emery Three Persons is proving it’s never too late to start over. This week marked the official grand reopening of his business, Cyclone Towing.  Not too long ago, it seemed like an impossible proposition.

“I was the baddest and the worst guy around,” said Three Persons.

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He doesn’t shy away from who he was.  He’s battled substance abuse since the age of fifteen.

“I ran into the drugs and the boozing just seemed to take over,” he said.

Using everything from marijuana, to excessive amounts of alcohol, to cocaine – the addiction almost ended in tragedy.

“I was suicidal because… I tried, I was so tired of life,” said Three Persons. “I took a whole lot of medication, I thought it was going to do me in.”

But, Three Persons survived and eventually the law caught up with him.  He had his license suspended multiple times, lost his business and was sentenced to nine months in prison. It was during that time he discovered faith and realized what’s important.

“I need to put (the drugs) aside. I got children and that was one of the main things I needed to put it aside for. It was actually my kids that saved me.”

Even with the support of family, recovery was difficult.  But, in January, Emery finally got his business back, and can now say he’s been clean for over a year.

“It’s awesome! I’m so happy, and really blessed that things are going good,” said Three Persons. “There’s nothing I’d rather do then keep building this company.”

As Blood Tribe officials continue to fight the rise of Fentanyl, Emery Three Persons is living proof drugs and alcohol can be beaten.

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