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Public invited to visit Quebec City’s new Videotron Centre

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QUEBEC CITY – There were long line-ups outside Quebec City‘s new Videotron Centre Thursday.

READ MORE: Quebecor says it will apply for NHL expansion franchise to bring back Nordiques

It’s the first day of public visits to the new auditorium – the brainchild of Mayor Régis Labeaume.

WATCH: The Nordiques in Quebec City?

Quebec Nordiques in jeopardy?


Quebec Nordiques in jeopardy?


No hockey team for Quebec City

The visits are designed to drum up public support for the centre and the eventual return of an NHL hockey team in the city.

READ MORE: Quebecor confirms bid to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec City

“We expect, in the future, to have hockey games that will represent us around North America,” one visitor told Global News.

Visits continue through the weekend.



  • Quebecor confirms bid to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec City

  • Quebecor says it will apply for NHL expansion franchise to bring back Nordiques

    Quebec Nordiques in jeopardy?


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Pint-sized putter in Manitoba catching eye of golfers

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STEINBACH — He may just be six-years-old but Ty Brewster has already mastered driving.

Driving a golf ball that is.

“The farthest I ever hit a ball was 195 yards,” said Ty.

The Steinbach sprout recently returned from the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship in Pine Hurst, North Carolina. Ty was one of fifteen Canadians at the tournament competing against youngsters from forty countries. He also plays on the U.S. Kids Golf Tour with the majority of tournaments held in Minnesota.

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“I have no hole-in-ones but was pretty close one time,” Ty said. “I have one eagle. And I can’t remember how many birdies I have.”

He first picked up a club at the age of two after seeing his dad practicing in the backyard.

“Little boys like to do what their dads do,” said Ty’s father Dennis. “He liked to and was good at it. Routinely before he was out of his pajamas, he would be in the backyard chipping before breakfast.”

Ty’s success is actually helping to grow the game. His home course, Steinbach Fly-In Golf Club, says more eyes on the pint-sized putter will drive more kids to the links.

“Junior golf as a whole is down a little bit,” said Steinbach Fly-In golf pro Brian Guenther. “We’ve got to make golf cool again. For him to be on a stage like that, he starts bringing his friends and elevate the game again, it will be great.”

For golf and relationships.

“Just golfing with my dad,” said Ty. “I like doing that.”

Each swing helping to shape memories.


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Montreal mayor pledges to open injection sites even without federal approval

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WATCH ABOVE: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau met with Mayor Denis Coderre in Montreal on Thursday to discuss the city’s wishlist from the new federal government.

MONTREAL – Mayor Denis Coderre didn’t hold back during a joint news conference with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Thursday, promising to ensure proposed drug-injection sites open in the city – even over federal objections.

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  • Justin Trudeau meets with Mayor Denis Coderre in Montreal

  • Mayor Denis Coderre to meet with federal leaders ahead of election

  • Official complaint filed after Coderre destroys cement slab: reports

The mayor, who met Trudeau to discuss issues including safe injection sites, has previously said he would give the federal government until the end of the summer to approve four locations in Montreal.

Coderre made it clear he will move ahead regardless.

“I will do it anyway,” Coderre said.

Pressed for specifics on timing, the mayor said to stay tuned.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau meets with Mayor Denis Coderre in Montreal

“It is coming; check the memo, you’ll receive it,” he said.

The Supreme Court, Coderre said, has been clear on the effectiveness of safe injection sites.

In a 2011 ruling, the high court ruled Vancouver’s Insite location saved lives and improved health without leading to higher drug use or crime in the surrounding area.

The court said the government should “generally grant an exemption” required to operate a supervised injection site legally if evidence indicates the site will cut the risk of death and disease, and have little impact on public safety.

The Conservative government proceeded to pass the Respect for Communities Act, which sets out 26 criteria for reviewing an application.

Several health groups, including the Canadian Nurses Association, believe the new law is designed to block the creation of the injection sites.

“It’s about public safety,” Coderre said.

“It is about public health. And all we are asking is to be consistent with what the Supreme Court has said.”

Trudeau praised Coderre’s approach.

“Denis has an obligation to the citizens of Montreal to bring forward solutions to make people’s lives better, to keep them safe, and I applaud him for moving forward on this,” Trudeau said.

“I look forward to supporting him once we form the next government.”

Cactus Montreal is a community group that is expected to operate the city’s first safe injection site.

Louis Letellier de St-Just, who chairs the board of directors, said the mayor is doing “what he should do.”

“He is pushing this dossier forward,” he said.

“But the financing has to come from somewhere, and it’s not the city who will take it on – it’s the Quebec government which will finance it.”

READ MORE: Mayor Denis Coderre to meet with federal leaders ahead of election

The Quebec government has approved Montreal’s proposal but it is unclear if money will flow if the feds do not provide the legal green light.

Stephen Harper‘s Conservatives are adamantly opposed the sites.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose has used the issue to take aim at Trudeau for pledging to open “drug-injection houses.”

Coderre said he has a meeting scheduled for Friday with Green party Leader Elizabeth May to discuss the issue, as he is trying to reach out to all political leaders.


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Mutant lice are harder to kill than ever; here are some tips

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WATCH ABOVE: With back to school comes peak season for lice. Su-Ling Goh has some tips on how to treat it.

EDMONTON — The term “mutant lice” might make you picture cartoon bugs with massive muscles and evil eyes, but they aren’t really that scary. Today’s head lice are simply a product of natural selection: the insects that couldn’t survive common pesticides died, while those that lived passed their genetic mutations to their offspring.

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    Super lice – Bugs proving chemical resistance

  • Q&A: Some U.S. schools adopting less restrictive lice policies

That explains why a 2014 study showed nearly 100 per cent of North American lice sampled had the mutation for permethrin resistance. Permethrin is one of the most common ingredients in lice treatments.

So what’s a parent to do?

It’s estimated 10 per cent of school kids will get lice, so you can try to teach your child not to get too close their friends (good luck with that). Thankfully, lice can’t jump or fly, but they can crawl from head to head, and they can live for up to 48 hours on surfaces like clothing or bedding.

READ MORE: Selfies and super lice make a lousy combination 

Removal experts at Lice Squad recommend you buy a good lice comb and use it regularly, before the insects have a chance to reproduce.

“Go through the hot spots first,” said Jennifer Armstrong.

“So [comb] the top of the head, behind the ears, the bottom of the neck and [the temples]. That’s usually where they’re going to have it.”

Armstrong is a professional nitpicker with Lice Squad. For $75 an hour, she will come to your house, teach you how to prevent lice from spreading, and check every member of the family. The company uses pesticide-free treatments to loosen the eggs (nits) and smother any live insects. Armstrong manually removes them with a special bug-zapping comb.

London Drugs pharmacist Anil Goorachurn stresses the old lice treatments do still work, but admits they are not as effective as they used to be.

He recommends a new tool, the Nitview LED Lice Detection Device, which makes lice and nits glow, so they’re easier to spot.

Goorachurn also suggests mayonnaise, Vaseline, and Cetaphil lotion as chemical-free ways to smother the insects.

Both Goorachurn and Armstrong say manual removal is unavoidable. But they remind parents not to panic: lice aren’t dangerous, just disturbing.

“There is a lot of stigma,” said Goorachurn.

“People are embarrassed and they shouldn’t be because it happens quite a bit. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, hygiene, anything like that. It’s so easily contracted.”

“It’s lice,” said Armstrong. “It’s no big deal.”


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Manitoba Health releases list of restaurants shut down due to health violations

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WINNIPEG — Eighteen restaurants have been closed in Manitoba so far this year after failed health inspections.

Manitoba Health recently released a report outlining unsanitary conditions in establishments throughout the province. Rodent infestation, filthy walls and failing dishwashers are just a few reasons for the closures.

READ MORE: Rodents and filthy walls among restaurant violations: Manitoba Health

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The head of the department of Food Science at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Rick Holley, is frustrated by the amount of restaurant complaints.

He said most of the issues are simple and could be fixed with better staff training as well as focusing on efficiency rather than profit.

“We’ve got a situation where people are not acting competently and increasing… the risk level that you’re going to become ill as a result of them not doing the sensible thing,” Holley said.

Manitoba Health’s chief health inspector Mike LeBlanc said the province does not plan to make the unannounced visits any more strict although the report seems to be getting more attention with well known spots shutting down.

“We do routine inspections… if there is what we can a critical violation they can’t stay open, we close them immediately and once they have the problems corrected we go back and if everything’s fine we re-open them again,” LeBlanc said about the inspections performed about one to three times each year.

And restaurant patrons surprised by repeat closures at bistros like Deseo in Osborne want to see the restaurants in their area clean up their act.

“I would hope that they would improve their system so that doesn’t happen, like make sure their dishwashers are working, that the plates are clean the food is prepared properly,” Osbone resident Stan Matwyczuk said.

You can view the list here.


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