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Students face balancing a budget for the first time – Halifax

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WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Dave Squires has some tips on how students can survive on a budget as they make the leap from high school to college or university.

HALIFAX – Thousands of students in Halifax making the leap from high school to college or university are finding themselves in charge of their own finances for the first time, and for some, that can be challenging.

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18-year-old Gabrielle Walthers from Calgary is about to begin her first year at Saint Mary’s University. It’s her first time away from home, and her first time managing her money.

“It’s a lot of stress and a lot or pressure because if your don’t follow your budget, you are set back for the rest of your life,” said Walthers.

Like many students, Gabrielle is living on a student loan which means a limited budget.

“You have to watch every single penny you spend,” said Walthers.

According to a new CIBC poll, many students feel that financial pressure: 49% of post secondary students in Canada worry that they won’t be able to cover tuition and living expenses. While 37% aren’t sure they will be able to manage their finances.

Balancing a budget

Resources are available at universities and colleges for students who need help to balance a budget. Saint Mary’s student financial aid officer Allen Wolfe said planning ahead is key, and he suggests always have money put aside in case of an emergency.

“Its always those surprise costs that students never really plan for that they should build into their budget in advance,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe also says students should track purchases so they know where their money is going, as well as how much they’re spending.

Wolfe says his most important piece of advice is to be realistic.

“If they know they enjoy going to the movies, build that into your budget, so when you go to the movies you are not blowing your budget,” said Wolfe.

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‘They didn’t deserve to die’: aunt of Syrian boys who drowned off Turkey

admin post on November 27th, 2018
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WATCH: Rarely has one image of a boy triggered an international reaction like the way the photo of a dead Syrian refugee child has. The boy’s aunt, who lives in Canada, said she’d been doing all she could to help him and his family start a new life. Vassy Kapelos has her story.

WARNING: This post contains details and images that some viewers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

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  • No asylum application from drowned Syrian boy’s father, say feds

  • Migrants pour into Budapest train station, triggering new standoff

VANCOUVER — The father of Alan Kurdi, the young boy whose limp body was seen washed ashore on a Turkish beach in a haunting photograph Wednesday, fought with “all his power” to save his two sons and wife after the boat they were in capsized.

The family fled the war-ravaged city of Kobani and was trying to get to the Greek island of Kos and onward to a safer life.

Abdullah Kurdi, was unable to save three-year-old Alan, five-year-old Ghalib and his wife Rehan.

READ MORE: Will this photo help people grasp the desperation of Syrian refugees?

“They didn’t deserve to die. They didn’t. They were going for a better life. It shouldn’t… it shouldn’t [have] happened to them,” the boys’ aunt Tima Kurdi, Abdullah’s sister, told reporters outside her Coquitlam, B.C. home Thursday morning.

WATCH: The aunt of a Syrian family who drowned off Turkey’s coast gives a heartbreaking account of their final moments.

Fighting back tears, she described the horrible ordeal her brother went through early Wednesday when the smuggler boat he paid to have transport his family capsized in the Aegean Sea.

“Those two boys, they were in his arms. He said he tried [with] all his power to put them up [above] the water,” she recounted. “Then when he look[ed] in his left arm… the older boy Ghalib [was] already dead.

“[H]e let him go and he said I will try to save the second one, Alan. He look[ed] at him. There was blood coming from his eyes. So he close[d] his eyes and let him go. He looked around for his wife. She was floating in the water, like a balloon.”

Tima Kurdi said Rehan told her a week ago that she was “scared of the water.”

READ MORE: The European migrant crisis is only getting worse. Here’s what you need to know

But the situation was desperate enough for the family to attempt the crossing to Kos — as thousands of other refugees have done so far this year.

The photograph of Alan lying face-down on the beach, as the tide washed up against his tiny head, has become a symbol of a crisis the entire world is struggling to deal with — the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.

WARNING: This below image contains content some viewers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.


More than four million of the 59.5 million people who have been forcibly displaced from their homes are Syrians living in refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

The Canadian government fulfilled a commitment to resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees in March— three months after its end of 2014 deadline — and has so far resettled a further 1,002 Syrian refugees toward a January commitment to take in an additional 10,000 Syrians over the next three years.

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Scammers net $50,000 in just over a week through fake Canada Revenue Agency calls

admin post on November 27th, 2018
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WATCH ABOVE: Victims of the phone scam are typically told they owe a substantial amount of money in back taxes, or that their status in Canada isn’t legitimate. Global’s Tony Tighe hears from one of the Calgary victims.

CALGARY – Scam artists have bilked over $50,000 from Calgarians in just over a week through calls in which they pretend to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Victims of the phone scam are typically told they owe a substantial amount of money in back taxes, or that their status in Canada isn’t legitimate.

The caller then threatens the victims with imprisonment or deportation if they don’t pay up through money transfers, prepaid credit cards and cash deposits into numbered accounts.

“If the victim challenges the offender, they are intimidated with threats of arrest, deportation, violence, sexual abuse and in some incidents, seizure of their children,” said a news release.

Month (2015)Number of Cases ReportedNumber of Victims Who Reported a Financial LossFebruary21March102April234May346June7317July23414August23111Total60755

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  • Scammers net $60,000 through fake Canada Revenue Agency calls

  • Hundreds of Calgarians targeted by CRA scam

  • Police warn of scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency

In a number of recent cases, the fraudsters have sent a taxi to the victim’s residence to take them to a money transfer location.

Scammers are also making multiple phone calls to the victim, using different voices while posing as representatives of the CRA, Immigration Canada, the police and other authority figures.

While originally the scam seemed to targeting new Canadians, police say they have now heard from a wide variety of victims.

Since February 2015, investigators say more than 600 cases of fraud involving this scam have been identified in Calgary.

Police encourage anyone who believes they may have lost money to one of these scams to call the Calgary Police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

Anyone who may have other information about these scams is asked to contact the non-emergency number, or contact Crime Stoppers.

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Yields, grades average as Sask. harvest continues

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Saskatchewan agriculture officials said warm temperatures and relatively dry weather helped producers remain well ahead of the five-year harvesting average. According to the latest crop report, 29 per cent of the 2015 crop is now combined, with another 30 per cent swathed or ready to straight-cut.

The five-year average for this time of year is 14 per cent combined and 26 per cent swathed or ready to straight-cut.

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  • Sask. producers well ahead of 5-year average for harvesting crop

  • Waiting list for cattle producers seeking feed

  • Dry conditions hurt hay, beef prices; banks offer break to farmers

Producers in the southwest region are furthest along, with 51 per cent combined. I the southeast, 45 per cent of the crop is combined with other regions reporting 10 to 20 per cent of the crop combined.

Yields and grades are being reported as average.

Localized hail and wind damaged crops in the past week, with some producers reporting bleaching, staining or sprouting of cereal and pulse crops.

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Moisture conditions continue to improve, with topsoil on cropland rated 78 per cent adequate, with hay land and pasture topsoil rated 67 per cent adequate.

Overall pasture conditions are rated 50 per cent fair or poor, with 11 per cent of the forage crop not cut or baled mainly due to a lack of growth.

The ministry continues to provide a listing service for producers to advertise and source feed products.


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Police seek suspect after Clarington, Ont. man kidnapped, beaten with bat and robbed

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TORONTO — Police have charged a 42-year-old Newcastle, Ont. man and are searching for a female suspect after a man was allegedly kidnapped from his home, beaten with a baseball bat and robbed.

Durham Regional Police said a 57-year-old Clarington, Ont. man answered a knock at his door on Tuesday at 1 a.m. A man and a woman, who was known to the victim, then entered his home.

The pair then allegedly assaulted the victim and robbed him of his wallet. Police said they would not allow him to leave his home, before allegedly striking him with a baseball bat when he tried to escape.

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Police said the suspects held the victim overnight and drove him to a bank in Bowmanville at 9:30 a.m. The woman then allegedly escorted the victim into the bank and forced him to cash a cheque, according to police.

As he was leaving the bank, police said the victim alerted bank employees that he was in trouble and they in turn contacted the police who began a search for the suspects and the victim.

Police said the victim was then able to escape from the suspect’s custody and contact police at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, when they arrived at a motel in Whitby.

An officer in the area spotted a taxi leaving the area and stopped it and one of the suspect’s was arrested and charged without incident.

The female suspect in the alleged kidnapping has not been located and police have issued a warrant for her arrest.

Jamie Swerdfiger, 42, of King Avenue in Newcastle, and Heidi Madeiros, 35, are jointly charged with forcible confinement, kidnapping, assault causing bodily harm and robbery with violence.

Swerdfiger is also charged with driving while disqualified, possession of stolen property under $5,000 and fail to comply with probation order. He was held for a bail hearing.

Madeiros is described by police as female, white, 35 years old, and 5’4″ tall with a slim build. She may be driving a 2005 black Dodge Caravan.

Sgt. Bill Calder said the case was “unusual” and that Madeiros is known to police and investigators are actively looking for her. The victim was treated for minor injuries and is recovering.

Anyone with new information to this investigation is asked to contact Det.-Cst. Snow (ext. 1605) or Det. Findlay (ext. 1650) of the East Division Criminal Investigations Bureau at 1-888-579-1520.

Anonymous information can be sent to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at 苏州纹眉按摩论坛苏州纹眉durhamregionalcrimestoppers苏州纹眉.


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